Testing Center
Image Name Application Check items Executive standard Manufacturer Precision level
Ream comparator Off-line Reams - - Visual inspection
Zebra angle tester Off-line Optical distortion Chinese standard -
LAMBADA 950 spectrophotometer Off-line Light reflectance, reflection color, UV transmittance, visible light transmittance, total transmittance and color of solar energy, etc. Chinese standard Perkin Elmer ≤0.020nm
Diopter tester Off-line Optical distortion of float glass and automotive glass European standard ISRA 3mdpt
Iridescence detector Off-line Iridescence of glass American standard UDIAN Class 0.5
Leica polarization microscope Off-line Petrographic analysis Chinese standard Leica 50×
Glass stripe analyzer Off-line Stripes of float glass Industrial standard Yanshan University
Haze detector Off-line Haze of coated glass American standard BYK-Gardner 0.4 unit
Spectrophotometer Off-line Reflective color of coated glass American standard Konica Minolta ≤0.020 nm
ISRA on-line far infrared defect detector (LASOR) On-line Defect type and size European standard ISRA 0.1mm

Other Testing Devices