Development History

1. 1995
In 1995, our company came into being with a registered capital of 13 million CNY, and Pingyuan Han takes a stock right of 52% while the rest is held by Guizhou Aviation Industry Import/Export Co. At the beginning, our company was mainly concentrated on the deep processing of furniture glass.

2. 1995-2000
During this period, we broadened our business from furniture glass into building glass, and in the year of 2000, we decided to become one of the listed companies in China to further promote our business with the help of the capital market.

3. 2001-2005
We redirected our business scope from single building glass into a combination of building glass and curtain wall glass. In addition, we started the work toward an IPO in 2001.

4. 2006-2010
During the time of the 11th Five-Year Plan, we kept moving to become a listed company, and we successfully did this in August, 2007. In the year of 2008, we made an agreement to develop and manufacture aviation glass which is a new type of special glass.

5. 2011-2015
From 2011 to 2015, our company is focused on the research and production of special glass, aviation material and PV curtain wall.