AVIC Production Base (Hainan)

Our AVIC Production Base (Hainan) is located at Hainan Laocheng Economic Development Zone, and we have three world class silica sand mines in Hainan province.

Production Lines
We cooperated with PPG Industries to build up this factory as the research and production center for high end special glass. This factory has 4 float glass production lines with a production capacity of 600 tons each, and 2 of them are equipped with on-line CVD coating machines as well as power generation devices that take advantage of the wasted heat. Moreover, one production line adopts full oxygen combustion technology, and there is also one production line that is especially designed for high aluminosilicate glass and low iron glass.

Major Products
The manufacturing technique and end product are both energy saving and environmentally friendly, and the typical products include aviation glass, high speed train glass, thin clear float glass, low iron float glass, on-line low-E float glass, low iron on-line low-E float glass, solar control on-line low-E glass, low iron on-line TCO glass, high aluminosilicate glass for computers and televisions, etc. These products are widely used in various fields, such as building, aviation, automobile, furniture, solar energy, home appliance, home decoration, electronic products and more.

Hainan Production Base: Cold end equipment for float glass production line - GRENZEBACH


Hainan Production Base: Annealing furnace for float glass production line