AVIC Production Base (Anhui Bengbu)

The AVIC Production Base (Anhui Bengbu) is concentrated on the research, production and sales of low iron patterned solar glass, and it is located in the China Glass New Material Science and Technology Industrial Park, Bengbu.

Production Lines
With an area of about 19,000 square meters, we have set up two production lines. One is 250T/D low iron patterned solar glass production line, and the other is called 650T/D low iron patterned solar glass production line. The latter production line is considered to be the largest one in the world, and it was put into operation in the year of 2011. Thanks to these production lines, we are now the core supplier for solar photovoltaic industry.

This production base shows many advantages which make it highly appreciated by customers, and the details are as follows.

1. Technology
Depending on the largest design and research institute for glass industry in China, we are in charge of the self-developed solar glass technology which makes it possible to manufacture high quality products.

2. Equipment
Referring to the experience of similar plants in America, Germany and Italy, our entire production line is scientifically designed to satisfy all the requirements of a world class low iron solar glass production line, including hardware configuration and software configuration. Meanwhile, it is constructed by China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., offering fundamental basis to ensure the safe, stable and efficient running of the production line.

3. Quality Control
According to the technical requirements of photovoltaic cell, we make use of the advanced on-line and off-line glass quality testing equipment and software to guarantee the product quality. The X-ray fluorescence analyzer is used to detect the compositions of raw materials and end products, making sure that the iron content is within the desired range. Thus, every piece of our solar glass will fully meet the requirements of customers.

4. Service
Along with the high quality product, we also pay a lot of attention to offering sincere and timely service throughout the whole process.

AVIC Production Base (Anhui Bengbu): 650T/D low iron patterned solar glass production line


AVIC Production Base (Anhui Bengbu): 250T/D low iron patterned solar glass production line