Company File

Smooth, flawless, and streamlined - AVIC Sanxin - experience stunning clarity like never before. As a Chinese manufacturer of premium glass, we have a highly specialized field of expertise. Renowned for our mature production techniques and outstanding service, we can guarantee customer satisfaction with top-grade mediums such as float glass, building glass, solar glass, electric appliances glass, and optical coating glass. Choose AVIC. View the world through an uncanny looking glass.

Incorporated in the June of 1995, our company was originally registered as Shenzhen Sanxin Special Glass Technology Co., Ltd. We are a proud subsidiary of the Chinese Aviation Industry Corporation. Since conception, we have been dedicated to the development and production of high fidelity glass. In August 2007, we became one of the 20 listed AVIC companies. Our A-shares are available on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the stock code 002163.

AVIC Sanxin invested a total of 8 enterprises. The details are described as below:
1 Wholly-owned subsidiary: Sanxin(Hongkong) Co.,Ltd.
5 Holding companies: AVIC(Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co.,Ltd., AVIC(Hainan)Special Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Sanxin Facade Engineering Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen JMT Glass Co.,Ltd., AVIC Sanxin Solar Glass Co.,Ltd., Sanxin(Huizhou) Curtain Wall Products Co.,Ltd.
2 Joint-stock companies: AVIC BIAM New Materials Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xinjing Special Glass Co., Ltd.

We are a key enterprise that is closely involved in the cutting-edge development of new materials. “AVIC Glass” is registered as our official trademark. Under this banner, we can provide customers with a broad range of specialty glass materials and products. Our selection of glass materials include clear float glass, energy-efficient low-E glass, TCO solar glass, ultra thick low iron float glass, solar plate back sheet glass, etc. Other glass products include solar glass, low-E glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, ceramic frit glass, bulletproof glass, fire resistant glass, and various types of safety glass.

As a well-rounded enterprise, we remain relevant even in a highly competitive global market. In cooperation with the American company PPG we invested 3.2 billion RMB in the assembly of 4 production lines for high-end specialty glass. This maneuver became widely recognized as the largest development project of its kind in mainland China. Upon its completion, we proceeded to set precedents in the domestic industry with advanced procedures such as full oxygen combustion, on-line TCO coating, TCO PV glass production, aviation glass production, and 12MW power generation via waste heat. These processes allow us to effectively fill in market gaps and alleviate the dependency on import materials.

Our modern production base is complimented by an array of high-precision testing instruments. We have unrestricted access to an abundant supply of quartz sand. Mature manufacturing techniques are coupled with professional management to ensure production efficiency. In order to fully develop our latent potential, mutually beneficial working relationships have been established with research institutions and renowned foreign glass manufacturers such as PPG and DTIC.

Our products are practically applied in industries such as PV, auto, aviation, construction, and electric appliance. We export globally to regions including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, etc. In the pursuit of excellence, we seek to establish long-term cooperative relations with reputable companies from around the world. Please contact us for exciting development opportunities!

Certificate of Authorization of PPG Industries

Authorized by PPG Industries, our production technology and performance standard for special glass materials are in full compliance with their specifications.