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    1. Thin Clear Float GlassOur thin clear float glass is widely accepted as automotive glass, electric appliance glass, solar panel back plate glass, etc.
    1. Clear Float GlassThe clear float glass refers to soda-lime-silica flat glass that is manufactured by the float glass process. It has a homogeneous thickness, and the transmittance of visible light depends on the glass thickness, usually within 80%-90%.
    1. Low Iron Float GlassWith a transparent and elegant appearance, the low iron float glass is taken as the crystal of the glass family. It is a kind of soda-lime-silica glass that is fabricated by the float glass process, containing very little iron which is only about 100-200ppm. Thus, it shows an extremely white color, and the transmittance of visible light is usually over 91%.
    1. Ultra Thick Low Iron Float GlassWith a transparent and elegant appearance, the low iron float glass is taken as the crystal of the glass family. It is a kind of soda-lime-silica glass that is fabricated by the float glass process, containing very little iron which is only about 100-200ppm. Thus, it shows an extremely white color, and the transmittance of visible light is usually over 91%.
    1. Low Iron Float Glass for PV PanelsAs indicated by its name, the low iron float glass for PV panels is especially developed for solar energy industry, and it is a kind of soda-lime glass with high transmittance.
    1. On-Line Low-E Float GlassThis product has a high transmittance for visible light which means that excellent lighting effect is achieved. On the other hand, light pollution caused by the reflected light is usually seen for common film coated glass. However, our product successfully solves this problem, so it is a true environmentally friendly product.
    1. Low Iron On-Line Low-E Float GlassLow-E float glass is a kind of coated glass, and it reflects far infrared light while visible light is able to penetrate through it, thus gaining good lighting effect for the room. As a new type of energy saving materials, it is mainly applied for freezers, buildings and more.
    1. Ultra Thick Low Iron On-Line Low-E Float GlassThere are two primary methods in use, on-line type and off-line type. The on-line coating method takes advantage of high temperature pyrolysis process or normal pressure chemical vapor deposition technology to produce the fluorine doped tin dioxide which is a transparent semiconductor thin film, and the coating step is integrated into the float glass process.
    1. High Transmission Low-E GlassIn the winter of some cold northern regions, buildings equipped with our high transmission low-E glass will save a lot of energy for the user, and this mainly lies in two aspects. First, solar heat comes into the room through this glass to offer more heat, thus the heat generated by indoor heating devices is required less.
    1. Solar-control Low-E GlassDue to the good heat insulation property, our solar-control low-E glass is applicable for different places, no matter it is in the southern area or in the northern area. Far infrared heat radiation from the sun in summer is reflected away to keep it cooler inside, while the solar heat intensity turns down by 1/3 when compared with that in summer to maintain proper heat insulation performance.
    1. Double Silver Low-E GlassAs one type of high-end low-E glass, the double silver low-E glass has two silver coating layers to offer better shielding effect to solar radiation. It has a high visible light transmittance which means that desired natural lighting is gained, while the solar heat transmittance and shading coefficient are both very low.
    1. Heat-reflective GlassThe heat-reflective glass is also called solar-control coated glass, and it is produced by coating the surface of high quality float glass with multi-layers of metal or compound via magnetron sputtering process.
    1. Tempered Glass and Heat Strengthened GlassThe tempered glass and heat strengthened glass are manufactured by heating float glass to a very high temperature, and then the float glass is cooled down quickly. The glass surface has increased strength, well meeting the safety requirements for different architectural buildings.
    1. Laminated GlassThe laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more layers of glass together with the help of interlayers, under heat and pressure, to create a single sheet of glass. The interlayer is usually transparent, including PVB, EVA, SGP, PU, SGX and more.
    1. Insulated GlassThe insulated glass is a kind of glass unit that has double or more glass panes separated by an air or other gas filled space. Between the glass panes, there are spacers made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or other materials, and the spacer is filled with desiccant to remove moisture trapped in the air space.
    1. Curved GlassThe curved glass comes in 3 main types which are common curved type, tempered curved type and oversized tempered curved type.
    1. Ceramic Frit GlassThe ceramic frit glass is fabricated by placing ceramic frit on the surface of glass with the help of a screen printing machine or a roller printing machine, then drying and tempering treatments are carried out to ensure that the glaze is permanently sintered.
    1. Bullet Resistant GlassThe bullet resistant glass is a type of strong material that is particularly resistant to being penetrated when struck by bullets, and it is constructed by high quality glass and some organic materials via special techniques as regulated by relevant standards, such as heat curving.
    1. Fire Resistant GlassThe fire resistant glass is a kind of special glass that can maintain its integrity, heat insulation property and heat radiation intensity under standard fire resistance test, and it can be divided into three types according to the fire resistance property, including type A, type B and type C.
    1. Switchable GlassThe switchable glass refers to the electrically switchable glass that can change its light transmission property when voltage is applied, and it changes from translucent to transparent when activated. This creative design is highly appreciated by many architects and users, and it fits for various buildings.
    1. LED Lighting GlassThe LED lighting glass is a new type of decorative glass, and it relies on the conductivity of film as well as the white or blue LED. This product combines the transparency of glass and the lighting effect of LED together, offering sensational decoration result.
    1. Low Iron Patterned Solar GlassThe low iron patterned solar glass possesses good resistance to corrosion and thermal stress in natural environment, and the high mechanical strength is very helpful to protect itself from wind, snow, hailstone, etc.
    1. Thin Low Iron Patterned Solar GlassThe tempering technique for thin glass has undergone fast development these days, and it is very mature now which makes it possible to fabricate the thin low iron patterned solar glass.
    1. Anti-reflective Solar GlassThe anti-reflective solar glass is manufactured by coating a layer of anti-reflective film on the surface of low iron glass via advanced coated technique. With the help of AR coating, the light reflectance is further reduced, thereby enhancing the light transmittance.
    1. TCO Solar GlassThe TCO (transparent conducting oxide) solar glass is fabricated by coating a tin oxide film on the surface of low iron soda-lime glass with the help of advanced CVD (chemical vapor deposition) technology during float glass process.
    1. Solar Panel Back Sheet GlassThe solar panel back sheet glass is made from common float glass, while edging, drilling, tempering and other treatments are applied. It is used as the back sheet of photovoltaic module for the purpose of support and protection.
    1. Screen Protector GlassThe tempering process is able to improve the mechanical strength of glass to a large extent, 3-5 times higher for tempered glass and 2.5 times for semi-tempered type. On the other hand, our product will break into particles rather than sharp pieces when encountering big external force, which means it won’t do damage to people.
    1. Anti-reflective GlassOur product can significantly improve the sharpness and contrast ratio of flat panel display under high luminance, and it also increases the brightness to some extent. Thus, the audiences could get a clear view of the screen, while their eyes are perfectly protected.
    1. JMT Glass BaseThis JMT glass base possesses a variety of benefits, such as low cost, diverse style, easy cleaning, elegant and stylish appearance, good damp proof property, superb anti-aging performance, etc. So, it is very suitable for computers, televisions, sound boxes, electric fans and more.
    1. JMT Electronic Scale GlassThe scale with metal casing is not commonly seen because of its ponderosity, rough appearance and inconvenient carry, while one made of plastic faces the problems of aging, rupturing, deformation and others. However, our electronic scale glass is designed to perfectly solve these annoying problems.
    1. JMT Home Appliances GlassThe JMT home appliances glass takes advantages of tempering, silk screening, film coating and other treatments to provide the appliances with a high end look and additional functions.
    1. Plasma Display Panel Filter Glass1. Significant electromagnetic interference reduction
      2. Good reduction of reflectivity and improvement of transmission
      3. UV absorption and near infrared blockage to avoid disturbed remote control
    1. Touch Panel Anti-Reflective ITO Coated GlassThe touch panel anti-reflective ITO coated glass is manufactured by coating AR film and high-sheet resistance ITO film on the base glass to make it a conductive glass with high transmittance, and this process is finished by magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition technology.
    1. Silica RefractoriesSilica refractories have added the special nanopore structure which containing titanium, rare earth compounds and other infrared isolation agents, on the basis of supercritical aerogel composite insulation material. This silica refractory material can reduce the thermal radiation significantly, so that makes the heat dissipation performance of silicon material better.
    1. Fused Cast BrickDY-33 series of fused cast brick is an aluminum-zirconium-silicon fused cast refractories, the ZrO2 content reaches 33%. With good castability, it can be made into special shaped brick.
    1. Nano Insulation Boards and Felts1050 nano insulation board is a kind of new materials produced by the latest technology, too many nanopores are formed by inorganic powder, their thermal conductivity is smaller than that of the stationary air, and the insulation performance is better than the traditional fiber insulation materials of 3 ~ 4 times at high temperature.
    1. Refractory Brick (Mullite Brick, Zircon Brick, High Alumina Brick, Fireclay Brick)Mullite brick is made of synthetic fused mullite or sintered mullite, formed by high pressure and high temperature, its main mineral composition is crystal structure of mullite. This refractory brick features of high structural strength, low creep, and excellent thermal shock resistance.