1. Screen Protector GlassThe tempering process is able to improve the mechanical strength of glass to a large extent, 3-5 times higher for tempered glass and 2.5 times for semi-tempered type. On the other hand, our product will break into particles rather than sharp pieces when encountering big external force, which means it won’t do damage to people.
    1. Anti-reflective GlassOur product can significantly improve the sharpness and contrast ratio of flat panel display under high luminance, and it also increases the brightness to some extent. Thus, the audiences could get a clear view of the screen, while their eyes are perfectly protected.
    1. JMT Glass BaseThis JMT glass base possesses a variety of benefits, such as low cost, diverse style, easy cleaning, elegant and stylish appearance, good damp proof property, superb anti-aging performance, etc. So, it is very suitable for computers, televisions, sound boxes, electric fans and more.
    1. JMT Electronic Scale GlassThe scale with metal casing is not commonly seen because of its ponderosity, rough appearance and inconvenient carry, while one made of plastic faces the problems of aging, rupturing, deformation and others. However, our electronic scale glass is designed to perfectly solve these annoying problems.
    1. JMT Home Appliances GlassThe JMT home appliances glass takes advantages of tempering, silk screening, film coating and other treatments to provide the appliances with a high end look and additional functions.
    1. Plasma Display Panel Filter Glass1. Significant electromagnetic interference reduction
      2. Good reduction of reflectivity and improvement of transmission
      3. UV absorption and near infrared blockage to avoid disturbed remote control
    1. Touch Panel Anti-Reflective ITO Coated GlassThe touch panel anti-reflective ITO coated glass is manufactured by coating AR film and high-sheet resistance ITO film on the base glass to make it a conductive glass with high transmittance, and this process is finished by magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition technology.

Technical Glass