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Touch Panel Anti-Reflective ITO Coated Glass

The touch panel anti-reflective ITO coated glass is manufactured by coating AR film and high-sheet resistance ITO film on the base glass to make it a conductive glass with high transmittance, and this process is finished by magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition technology.

For common touch panel ITO coated glass, it has a visible light transmittance of about 86% and a light reflectance of 8%. If the ambient light is quite strong, the contrast ratio will decrease to a large extent, 10:1 theoretically.

However, this product is able to greatly improve the sharpness and contrast ratio of flat panel displays, offering clear image and perfect protection to eyes. Meanwhile, Newton’s rings and other problems are not likely to take place during production when compared with common ITO coated glass, which is of great importance to improve the product pass rates.

This anti-reflective ITO coated glass is mainly adopted as the touch panel for electronic product as well as the protection panel for display screen.
1. Public information system: ATM, query machine, ticket vending machine, beverage vending machine, etc.
2. Communication equipment: Visual phone, cell phone, GPS, etc.
3. Equipment control system: Industrial control computer, medical instrument, military touch screen, etc.

1. Single side five layer: Glass/AR coating/ITO coating
2. Double side nine layer: AR coating/Glass/AR coating/ITO coating
3. Other structures can be customized.

1. Pencil hardness: ≥4H
2. Max. size: 1250×1700mm
3. Thickness: 0.4-6mm

Performance Comparison
Item ITO coated glass for common LCD ITO coated glass for touch panel
Resistance (Ω/cm) ≤100 500
Uniformity of sheet resistance ±10% ±5%
Light transmittance when λ=550nm ≤86% a. ≤87% for common glass
b. >94% for single side AR glass
c. >97% for double side AR glass
Heat stability ≤200% ≤15%

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