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Plasma Display Panel Filter Glass

A plasma display panel filter must be installed in front of the PDP, and its functions are as follows.
1. Significant electromagnetic interference reduction
2. Good reduction of reflectivity and improvement of transmission
3. UV absorption and near infrared blockage to avoid disturbed remote control
4. Color balance adjustment by neon absorption
5. Safety protection for PDP

Considering this, our plasma display panel filter glass is especially designed to offer desired performance to customers, and its structure is illustrated below.

1. There are AR film and EMI film coated on the two sides of tempered glass.
2. The AR film has a four-layer structure, and the reflectance is not over 2%.
3. The EMI film has a nine-layer structure, and the sheet resistance doesn’t exceed 1Ω/cm while the EMI shielding effectiveness is no less than 65dB.
4. On the EMI film, metal busbar, black frame, Logo and others could be coated via silk screening.

Technical Parameters
No. Item Requirement
1 Visible light transmittance 46-55%
2 Neon spectrum With obvious neon absorption peak
3 NIR (850-950nm) ≤5%
4 Sheet resistance ≤1Ω/cm

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