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Anti-reflective Glass

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1. The anti-reflective glass is able to lower the light reflectance, thereby improving the light transmittance.

2. With the help of this product, the electronic screen could get rid of glare, light reflection and other problems that are usually seen under strong ambient light.

3. Our product can significantly improve the sharpness and contrast ratio of flat panel display under high luminance, and it also increases the brightness to some extent. Thus, the audiences could get a clear view of the screen, while their eyes are perfectly protected.

4. As the most transparent glass in the world, this product has a very high light transmittance of over 96%, and the maximum value could reach up to 99.5%. However, the light transmittance of common glass is only 89%. On the other hand, the light reflectance is dropped to 4% or lower, while the parameter for common glass is 8%. In addition, the minimum value for our product could be as low as 0.2%. As a result, the images won’t turn white even there is strong light shining the screen.

The anti-reflective glass is mainly used to protect the screens of different electric appliances, such as LCD TV, PDP TV, laptop computer, desktop computer, video camera, exhibition cabinet, medical instrument, outdoor display screen, military display panel, etc.

Processing Limit
1. Min. size: 200×200mm
2. Max. size: 1650×2800mm
3. Thickness: 0.4-6mm
4. Available size: 15", 17", 19", 22", 26", 32"...120" (customized)
5. Executive standard: GB/T9963-1998,BS6206,EN12150,ANSI Z97.1-2004

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