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Screen Protector Glass

1. The screen protector glass is a kind of safety glass, and it is especially designed to provide outstanding protection for many electric appliances.

2. The tempering process is able to improve the mechanical strength of glass to a large extent, 3-5 times higher for tempered glass and 2.5 times for semi-tempered type. On the other hand, our product will break into particles rather than sharp pieces when encountering big external force, which means it won’t do damage to people.

3. This product is the best material to protect LCD screen, because its impact strength is almost 40 times higher when compared with LCD screen. Meanwhile, many elegant patterns can be printed on the glass surface by printing technique to achieve better decorating effect.

Depending on the excellent protection effect, our screen protector glass is widely accepted for CRT, LCD, PDP, copier, scanner, fax machine, instrument panel, electronic product, electrical appliance, etc.

Processing Limit
1. Min. size: 200×200mm
2. Max. size: 1800×2500mm
3. Thickness: 2-19mm
4. Available size: 15", 17", 19", 22", 26", 32"...120" (customized)
5. Executive standard: GB/T9963-1998, BS6206, EN12150, ANSI Z97.1-2004

Performance Comparison
Item Tempered glass Semi-tempered glass Common glass
Safety Best Common No
Surface evenness Bad Good Good
Heat stability 250-320°C 100°C 20-100°C
Fragment shape Particles with obtuse angle Spider web Sharp pieces
Spontaneous breakage Yes Basically no No

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