1. Low Iron Patterned Solar GlassThe low iron patterned solar glass possesses good resistance to corrosion and thermal stress in natural environment, and the high mechanical strength is very helpful to protect itself from wind, snow, hailstone, etc.
    1. Thin Low Iron Patterned Solar GlassThe tempering technique for thin glass has undergone fast development these days, and it is very mature now which makes it possible to fabricate the thin low iron patterned solar glass.
    1. Anti-reflective Solar GlassThe anti-reflective solar glass is manufactured by coating a layer of anti-reflective film on the surface of low iron glass via advanced coated technique. With the help of AR coating, the light reflectance is further reduced, thereby enhancing the light transmittance.
    1. TCO Solar GlassThe TCO (transparent conducting oxide) solar glass is fabricated by coating a tin oxide film on the surface of low iron soda-lime glass with the help of advanced CVD (chemical vapor deposition) technology during float glass process.
    1. Solar Panel Back Sheet GlassThe solar panel back sheet glass is made from common float glass, while edging, drilling, tempering and other treatments are applied. It is used as the back sheet of photovoltaic module for the purpose of support and protection.

Solar Glass

Solar glass is an innovative product which can collect and supply solar energy by adding a layer of coating on common glass. Two or more kinds of coatings are mixed together according to a special ratio, forming an energy gathering material to absorb light with different wavelengths.

Related Names
Flat Glass Fabrication | Commercial Solar Collection Glass | Energy Gathering Material