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Solar Panel Back Sheet Glass

The solar panel back sheet glass is made from common float glass, while edging, drilling, tempering and other treatments are applied. It is used as the back sheet of photovoltaic module for the purpose of support and protection.
Our product shows the advantage of reliable electrical insulation, and it is also resistant to water, shock, weather condition as well as aging phenomenon. The shockproof property is able to protect the solar cell from rupture. In addition, our solar panel back sheet glass is available in various types to best suit your needs.

Technical Parameters
Max. processing size 1100×1700mm for tempered type, 2200×2600mm for non-tempered type.
Thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm (3.0/3.2/4.0mm)
Corner processing 40°-50°, 2-3mm.
Edge processing C-type grinding
Fragment test More than 30 pieces within a 50×50mm area.
Temperature resistance It won’t be damaged under the temperature differential of 200°C.

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