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TCO Solar Glass

The TCO (transparent conducting oxide) solar glass is fabricated by coating a tin oxide film on the surface of low iron soda-lime glass with the help of advanced CVD (chemical vapor deposition) technology during float glass process.

1. The coated film is optically transparent and electrically conductive, and the visible light transmittance is very high. The tin oxide coating shows stable mechanical strength without oxidation problem, and it won’t be damaged during full tempering process.
2. Our product has stable haze and sheet resistance, and the even internal stress makes it very convenient when cutting.
3. Thanks to the sodium barrier layer, our TCO solar glass is able to deliver perfect performance for a long time.

Processing Limit
1. Thickness: 3.2-6mm
2. Regular size: 2440×3660mm
3. Max. size: 3300×6000mm

Typically, the TCO solar glass can be used as the cover of ITO (indium tin oxide) glass to make thin film solar cell modules. Meanwhile, owing to the high visible light transmittance, high PV transmittance, low square resistance and different hazes, this product finds applications for a variety of thin film photovoltaic modules, such as Si thin film cell module, a-Si/μ-Si thin film cell module, CdTe thin film cell module,dye-sensitized solar cell, etc.

Technical Parameters
Product type Sheet resistance (Ω) Haze (%) Transmittance (%)
3.2mm R10H1 10 1 84
R10H6 10 6 82
R10H10 10 10 81
R10H15 10 15 81
4.0mm R10H1 10 1 83
R10H6 10 6 81
R10H10 10 10 81
R10H15 10 15 81

Note: Haze is measured by BYK haze-gard.

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