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Anti-reflective Solar Glass

The anti-reflective solar glass is manufactured by coating a layer of anti-reflective film on the surface of low iron glass via advanced coated technique. With the help of AR coating, the light reflectance is further reduced, thereby enhancing the light transmittance. For example, a single layer of AR coating is able to increase the visible light transmittance from 91% to over 93%. Owing to this, our product is widely used in solar photovoltaic and photo-thermal industries.

1. The outside surface of glass is processed with nano materials to form a highly efficient AR layer, which is able to improve the light transmittance by 2.0% or more.
2. After tempering process, the AR coating bonds to the glass firmly, and it is also resistant to different weather conditions. Thus, our product is able to work in salty area, damp and hot region, damp and cold region, places with acid rain, etc.
3. After a 2000-hour-aging test, this anti-reflective solar glass doesn’t show an obvious transmittance decrease. So, our product can serve for more than 25 years.

Technical Performance of AR Coating
Testing items Performance Remark
General characteristics Appearance Uniform coating, neutral reflection without stains, scratches, spots, clusters or pinholes. Glass is flat laid before a white illuminant, and observed at a distance of 1000mm.
Film hardness ≥4H Standard: GB/T 6739-2006, “Paints and varnishes – Determination of film hardness by pencil test”
Adhesion Class 0 -
Thickness 100-160nm -
Optical characteristics Iron content ≤0.012% Standard: GB/T 1347-2008 “Method for chemical analysis of soda-lime-silica glass”
Standard: GB/T 9723-2007 “Chemical reagent - General rules for flame atomic absorption spectrometric analysis”
Light transmission Transmittance increase: ≥2.0 % in 380-1100 nm ISO 9050
Durability test Mechanical load test Passed IEC 61215
UV preconditioning test IEC 61215
Thermal cycling test IEC 61215
Humidity-freeze test IEC 61215
Damp-heat test IEC 61215
Abrasion resistance test Passed EN 1096-2
Acid resistance test EN 1096-2
Salt spray test EN 1096-2

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