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Thin Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass

1. The thin low iron patterned solar glass is manufactured using advanced rolling technique.
2. With a thinner thickness, our product shows a lowered light absorbance, thereby improving the light transmittance. For example, the light transmittance for a 2-mm-thick M/M glass reaches up to 92% or even higher.
3. After semi-tempering and tempering treatments, our product gains sufficient mechanical strength for solar modules.

Optical Properties
Thickness (mm) Texture Transmittance of visible light (380-780nm) Transmittance of PV solar energy (380-1100nm) Transmittance of total solar energy (300-2500nm)
2.0 M/M 92.0 % 91.9 % 91.7 %
P/M 91.7 % 91.6 % 91.4 %
2.5 M/M 92.0 % 91.9 % 91.7 %
P/M 91.6 % 91.5 % 91.2 %

Development Trend
The tempering technique for thin glass has undergone fast development these days, and it is very mature now which makes it possible to fabricate the thin low iron patterned solar glass. The application of this kind of glass, whose thickness is only 2mm, cuts down the module weight to a large extent, thus reducing the installation cost as well as the transportation cost. Meanwhile, it offers more applications for the economical glass-glass modules.

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