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Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass

Prismatic/Matt Matt/Matt Front Glass of Modules

1. The low iron patterned solar glass possesses good resistance to corrosion and thermal stress in natural environment, and the high mechanical strength is very helpful to protect itself from wind, snow, hailstone, etc.
2. Our product has a low iron content which is not over 120ppm, and the light absorbance is also very low. Moreover, the special pattern on the surface cuts down the light reflectance. Thus, high light transmission is achieved.
3. The coefficient of thermal expansion matches with that of the material which is used to fabricate the frame.

General Specifications
Surface texture Prismatic/Matt, Matt/Matt
Surface roughness (Ra) Matt: 0.5-1.7μm
Dimension and tolerance Max. 2250×3500mm, ±1.5mm.
Thickness and tolerance 3.0/3.2/4.0mm, ±0.2 mm.
Edging and chamfering C-type edging, chamfering for 40-50°, 2-3 mm
Mechanical strength ≥120MPa
Optical Properties
Thickness (mm) Texture Transmittance of visible light (380-780nm) Transmittance of PV solar energy (380-1100nm) Transmittance of total solar energy (300-2500nm)
3 M/M 91.90% 91.80% 91.60%
P/M 91.50% 91.50% 91.00%
3.2 M/M 91.90% 91.80% 91.50%
P/M 91.50% 91.40% 90.90%
4 M/M 91.80% 91.60% 91.30%
P/M 91.30% 91.20% 90.60%

1. Our low iron patterned solar glass is packaged in horizontal pallet crates and vertical cross boxes, as shown below.
2. The PE film and desiccant are applied to keep away moisture, and the interlayer uses mildew-proof paper or powder.
3. Steel or plastic strips are adopted to fasten the package, while the digital packing slip is attached on the outside.
4. Customized packing method is also acceptable to fully meet the requirements.


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