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Ceramic Frit Glass

The ceramic frit glass is fabricated by placing ceramic frit on the surface of glass with the help of a screen printing machine or a roller printing machine, then drying and tempering treatments are carried out to ensure that the glaze is permanently sintered. This product is a kind of newly developed decorative glass with good safety property and excellent resistance to acid and alkali.

1. Our product is supplied in different colors and patterns which are resistant to corrosion and color fading, and the color and pattern can be customized.
2. The ceramic surface is able to absorb and reflect some solar energy, thereby achieving good energy saving effect.
3. The beautiful appearance endows our product with unique decorating effect, making it applicable to beautify those less good-looking parts in the buildings.
4. The available frit includes ordinary frit, translucent frit, metallic frit, mirror frit, gold frit and more.

The ceramic frit glass is able to work at any place, and it is used for interior decoration as well as curtain wall of different buildings.

Processing Limit
1. Min. size: 200×300mm
2. Max. size: 3000×6000mm
3. Thickness: 4-25mm

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