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Curved Glass

The curved glass comes in 3 main types which are common curved type, tempered curved type and oversized tempered curved type.

Common Curved Bends
The common curved type is manufactured by heating the glass to softening point, and the glass will adopt the shape of mould under static load or external force. Then, it is cooled.

Tempered Curved Bends
The tempered curved type is fabricated by heating the glass to softening point, and the glass is delivered to the cooling section to form its shape that matches with the shape of cooling facility. Then, it is cooled.

Oversized Tempered Curved Bends
Aside from these two products, we have also introduced advanced foreign technique to produce oversized tempered curved glass, and the maximum arc length reaches up to 12000mm.

Executive Standard
GB/T15763.2, ASTM C1048, ASTM C1464, EN1863, EN12150

Technical Parameters
Type Thickness (mm) Max. size (mm) Max. curve height (mm) Shape
Common curved type 3-19 3000×6000 1000 Cylinder, cone, “S”, “Z”, “U”, hemisphere and other irregular 3D shapes.
Tempered curved type 4-25 3200×5000 700 Single radius, conical curve.
Oversized tempered curved type 4-15 12000×2000 700 Single or multi radius

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