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Laminated Glass

The laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more layers of glass together with the help of interlayers, under heat and pressure, to create a single sheet of glass. The interlayer is usually transparent, including PVB, EVA, SGP, PU, SGX and more. The manufacturing method contains dry lamination and wet lamination, and the dry type can be carried out by rolling and pressing or vacuum taking.

1. Safety
The laminated glass is strong enough to keep it intact even when intentional sabotage is carried out by burglars or gangsters. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by the interlayer instead of breaking up into sharp pieces, well protecting people and facilities around it. Under this condition, the original shape and visibility can be maintained for some time.

2. Sound Isolation
The interlayer gives the glass a much higher sound isolation rating as a result of the dumping effect. Thus, less noise is transferred, and a quiet atmosphere is created.

3. Anti-Ultraviolet
The PVB interlayer is able to block 99% of incoming UV radiation that is originated from the sun. Hence, the decorative objects and furniture inside the room are protected from aging and color fading problems that are lead by the ultraviolet light.

4. Heat Insulation
The laminated glass has good heat insulation property, resulting in a big reduction of energy consumption for air conditioner and similar devices.

5. Fire Proof
When heated or roasted, our product will not break into pieces quickly, avoiding fast fire spreading. So, there will be more time for warning, evacuating and extinguishing.

Product Type
Our product contain many types to fit for different applications, such as coated type, tempered type, curved type, clear and colorful type, XIR energy saving type, bullet resistant type, fire resistant type (SGP, PU, metal net), decorative type (SGX, PET, paper), etc.

Processing Limit
1. Min. size: 150×300mm
2. Max. size: 3600×18000mm
3. Thickness: 4-80mm
4. Executive standard: GB9962, ASTM C1172, EN ISO12543

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