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Heat-reflective Glass

The heat-reflective glass is also called solar-control coated glass, and it is produced by coating the surface of high quality float glass with multi-layers of metal or compound via magnetron sputtering process.

1. Our product limits the direct solar radiation effectively to realize good shading effect.
2. The reflectance, transmittance and absorbance of sunlight are precisely controlled to offer a wide range of reflection colors, so, superb decorative effect is realized for external walls, well meeting the concept of modern architectural aesthetics. In addition, this product also shows good sight shielding effect and energy saving property.
3. This heat-reflective glass can be used in a single piece, and it can also be processed into laminated glass, insulated glass and others.

1. Available size: 2540×7000mm
2. Thickness range: 3-19mm
3. Executive standard: EN1096, ASTM C1376, GB18915

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