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Solar-control Low-E Glass

1. The solar-control low-E glass has a moderate transmittance for visible light, ensuring proper lighting effect for the room.
2. Owing to the low solar transmittance, this product can keep solar radiation away from penetrating through it, and the shading coefficient is not over 0.5.
3. The high far infrared reflectance and the low heat transfer coefficient (U-value) guarantee the excellent heat insulation property. Moreover, if this product is made into IGU (#2), good energy saving property will be obtained.

Due to the good heat insulation property, our solar-control low-E glass is applicable for different places, no matter it is in the southern area or in the northern area. Far infrared heat radiation from the sun in summer is reflected away to keep it cooler inside, while the solar heat intensity turns down by 1/3 when compared with that in summer to maintain proper heat insulation performance.

1. Size: 2540×7000mm
2. Thickness: 3-19mm
3. Executive standard: EN1096, ASTM C1376, GB18915

Aside from this, our product is also suitable for different buildings because of its good decorating effect and solar control effect.

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