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Glass Heat Soaked Treatment

Spontaneous Glass Breakage
As reported by the TV news around the world, the tempered glass may spontaneously break into pieces without any apparent reason after installation. However, the most common reason lies in the nickel sulfide which will turn into an instable state after heating and sudden cooling treatments. This instability tends to break the balance inside the glass, resulting in the spontaneous glass breakage. The probability of this phenomenon is very low, but it can’t be eliminated completely.

Our Solution
The customer's safety and desired performance of glass product are two major concerns of our company, so we deeply studied in this field to solve this problem. We take advantage of a big heat soaking furnace to carry out heat soaked treatment for tempered glass. Through detonation of the potential risks of glass, the possibility of spontaneous breakage is greatly cut down, and the safety factor is improved.

As requested by the EN14179 standard, the heat soak test is done by heating the tempered glass to 240-290°C, keeping it for at two hours and then cooling down to room temperature.

Processing Limit
1. Max. Size: 3000*12000mm, 2500*6300mm
2. Thickness: 4-25mm
3. Max. loading: 12000kg per furnace
4. Executive standard: EN14179

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