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Switchable Glass

The switchable glass refers to the electrically switchable glass that can change its light transmission property when voltage is applied, and it changes from translucent to transparent when activated. This creative design is highly appreciated by many architects and users, and it fits for various buildings.

Working Principle
When the electric current is applied, the liquid crystals are aligned in one direction, allowing the incident light to pass through. So, our product will look clear and transparent.

When the electric current is switched off, the liquid crystals are randomly oriented thus scattering the incident light. As a result, the switchable glass will become opaque.

Technical Parameters
1. Switchable film thickness: 0.4±0.05mm
2. Voltage: 65-70VAC / 50Hz
3. Input power: <1 mVA/cm2
4. Action time: 2ms for power on, and 20ms for power off
5. Parallel light transmittance with gain angle of 2°: 70±2% when on, 1±2% when off
6. Visible light transmittance: 76±2% when on, 65±2%when off
7. Glass temperature when working: -10°C~+50°C
8. Ambient temperature: -40°C~+90°C
9. View angle: 130°
10. Max. size: 2900×1500mm
11. Service life: >50,000 hours

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