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Fire Resistant Glass

The fire resistant glass is a kind of special glass that can maintain its integrity, heat insulation property and heat radiation intensity under standard fire resistance test, and it can be divided into three types according to the fire resistance property, including type A, type B and type C.
1. Type A: The glass should maintain its integrity and heat insulation property.
2. Type B: The glass should maintain its integrity and heat radiation intensity.
3. Type C: The glass should maintain its integrity.

Based on the structure, the fire resistant glass is classified into two categories. One is single-layer type which is monolithic glass that meets corresponding technical requirements of the standards, and the other is multi-layer type that is fabricated using materials supplied by SGG and Pilkington.

Processing Limit
1. Min. size: 200×300mm
2. Max. size: 2440×3300mm
3. Executive standard: GB15763.1

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