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Bullet Resistant Glass

The bullet resistant glass is a type of strong material that is particularly resistant to being penetrated when struck by bullets, and it is constructed by high quality glass and some organic materials via special techniques as regulated by relevant standards, such as heat curving.

Working Principle
When a high-speed bullet hits on this kind of glass, the glass will get deformed as a result of the warhead. However, the kinetic energy is reduced or absorbed to make the bullet trapped within the glass. Meanwhile, the glass fragments are stuck by the organic interlayer. So, people are well protected.

1. Our bullet resistant glass has a very high mechanical strength that is capable of preventing high speed bullets or other objects from penetrating through it with the help of interlayer.
2. Due to the high impact strength and flexibility, this product is also applicable when facing intentional invasion or violence.
3. Our product uses some special organic materials, so it is thinner when compared with ones of the same level. Moreover, when a strong shock is applied, the glass is held in place by the interlayer instead of breaking into sharp pieces.

The bullet resistant glass is mainly divided into 3 series, the first series is for banks, the second series is for aviation projects, and the third series is for vehicles and vessels. Aside from these areas, our product also finds various applications to offer a much safer working or living condition, such as villa, business building, postal saving, cash truck, jewelry cabinet, etc.

Test Standards
UL 752 Level 1, Model Sainarmor I
UL 752 Level 3, Model Sainarmor III
UL 752 Level 4, Model Sainarmor IV
UL 752 Level 5, Model Sainarmor V

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