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High Transmission Low-E Glass

1. The high transmission low-E glass has a high transmittance for visible light, so natural lighting is achieved for the room, and the color is similar to that of the glass. Moreover, high solar transmittance and high solar heat radiation are also obtained.
2. Due to the high far infrared reflectance and the low heat transfer coefficient which is also known as the U-value, excellent thermal insulation property is realized. If it is made into IGU (#3), good energy saving performance will be delivered to customers.

In the winter of some cold northern regions, buildings equipped with our high transmission low-E glass will save a lot of energy for the user, and this mainly lies in two aspects. First, solar heat comes into the room through this glass to offer more heat, thus the heat generated by indoor heating devices is required less. Second, the radiant heat originated from heating devices, home appliances and human bodies is reflected back inside, which also cuts down the requirements of heating devices. In addition, if a building with transparent appearance is preferred, you can try this product.

1. Size: 2540×7000mm
2. Thickness: 3-19mm
3. Executive standard: EN1096, ASTM C1376, GB18915

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