1. On-Line Low-E Float GlassThis product has a high transmittance for visible light which means that excellent lighting effect is achieved. On the other hand, light pollution caused by the reflected light is usually seen for common film coated glass. However, our product successfully solves this problem, so it is a true environmentally friendly product.
    1. Low Iron On-Line Low-E Float GlassLow-E float glass is a kind of coated glass, and it reflects far infrared light while visible light is able to penetrate through it, thus gaining good lighting effect for the room. As a new type of energy saving materials, it is mainly applied for freezers, buildings and more.
    1. Ultra Thick Low Iron On-Line Low-E Float GlassThere are two primary methods in use, on-line type and off-line type. The on-line coating method takes advantage of high temperature pyrolysis process or normal pressure chemical vapor deposition technology to produce the fluorine doped tin dioxide which is a transparent semiconductor thin film, and the coating step is integrated into the float glass process.

On-Line Low-E Float Glass

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