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Low Iron On-Line Low-E Float Glass

Brief Introduction to Low-E Float Glass
Low-E float glass is a kind of coated glass, and it reflects far infrared light while visible light is able to penetrate through it, thus gaining good lighting effect for the room. As a new type of energy saving materials, it is mainly applied for freezers, buildings and more. Thanks to the excellent heat insulation property, this product helps to reduce energy loss, thereby saving the cost for air conditioner or other heating devices. In addition, its color mainly contains colorless, grey, green and blue, while the thickness is usually 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 8mm.

Manufacturing Methods for Low-E Float Glass
There are two primary methods in use, on-line type and off-line type. The on-line coating method takes advantage of high temperature pyrolysis process or normal pressure chemical vapor deposition technology to produce the fluorine doped tin dioxide which is a transparent semiconductor thin film, and the coating step is integrated into the float glass process. On the other hand, the off-line method refers to the magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition, and this technique is used to manufacture the multi-layer metal-dielectric oxide coating.

Pros and Cons of On-Line and Off-Line Glass
The off-line low-E float glass shows better heat insulation property, and it is available in different types due to the flexible design. It can also undergo tempering, hot bending and other treatments under some conditions, but single-pane application is not allowed, and it should be made into insulated glass as soon as possible to avoid the oxidation of silver film.

The on-line low-E float glass has fewer product types, but it possesses very stable mechanical and chemical properties. The coating layer is solid and resistant to abrasion and scratches. Moreover, this kind of glass allows single-pane use, and there aren’t any special requirements for storage, cutting or cleaning. Just like common flat glass, it can be stored for a long time without the problem of oxidation or falling off of the coating layer. In addition, tempering, hot bending and other deep-processing treatments can be carried out easily, and there is no need to remove coatings on the edges during insulating process.

Our Products
As the leading manufacturer in this field, we can provide customers with high quality low iron on-line low-E float glass. As indicated by the name, this glass is fabricated using the on-line manufacturing method, and low iron float glass is taken as the substrate. As a result, our product not only possesses high transmittance for visible light to ensure the excellent lighting effect which is helpful to cut down the required electricity for room lighting, but also shows low emissivity to obtain good energy saving result.

Owing to these, our low iron on-line low-E flat glass has found a variety of applications around the world, such as building partitions, exhibition rooms, storefront windows, glass curtain walls, glass guardrails and escalators, building doors and windows, etc.

Major Parameters
1. Thickness range: 3.2-15mm
2. Regular size: 2440×3660mm
3. Max. size: 3300×6000mm

Detailed Specifications
Product Visible light Solar energy U-value (W/m2·K)
Transmittance Reflectance Direct transmittance Reflectance Absorbance Solar factor Shading coefficient
Outside Inside
L.T. L.R. L.R. D.E.T E.R E.A. S.F. S.C. Air
3 .2mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 86% 12% 11% 73% 12% 15% 0.75 0.86 3.8
4mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 85% 12% 11% 71% 12% 17% 0.74 0.85 3.8
5mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 85% 11% 11% 69% 11% 20% 0.72 0.83 3.8
6mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 84% 11% 11% 67% 11% 22% 0.71 0.82 3.8
8mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 82% 11% 11% 65% 11% 24% 69% 0.81 3.8
10mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 76% 11% 11% 58% 11% 29% 0.65 0.75 3.8
12mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 65% 15% 16% 46% 13% 40% 0.55 0.65 3.8
15mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #2 76% 11% 11% 58% 12% 33% 0.60 0.74 3.8
6mm +12A+6mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #3 75% 15% 16% 59% 13% 28% 0.64 0.73 2.00
6mm low iron+12A+6mm low iron on-line low-E float glass #3 77% 14% 16% 60% 14% 26% 0.67 0.76 2.00

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Low Emissivity Flat Sheet | Reflective Glass | Building Material

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