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Low Iron Float Glass for PV Panels

As indicated by its name, the low iron float glass for PV panels is especially developed for solar energy industry, and it is a kind of soda-lime glass with high transmittance.

1. Our product shows even internal stress, which makes it very easy to cut the glass into several pieces. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for tempering, hot bending and other treatments.
2. For the glass whose thickness is 3mm or thinner, the transmittance of visible light is not less than 91.8%, and the direct transmittance of sunlight is 90.7% or higher, meeting the requirements of ISO9050 standard. This is attributable to the low iron content and unique chemical composition, which also avoid spontaneous breakage after tempering.

Our low iron float glass has found a wide range of applications. For example, it can work as the deposit substrate for TCO glass, as the cover for CIGS or CIS, as the flat plate solar collector, or as the solar reflection mirror. Aside from these, it is also applicable for glass furniture, building partitions, store windows, exhibition rooms, glass curtain walls, glass guardrails and escalators, building doors and windows, etc.

Major Parameters
1. Thickness range: 1.8-4.0mm
2. Regular size: 2440×3660mm
3. Max. size: 3300×6000mm

Detailed Specifications
Thickness (mm) Transmittance (%)
Ultraviolet Visible light Infrared Solar Sunlight in PV range
3.2 88.9 91.5 90.3 90.7 91.0
4.0 88.1 91.3 90.0 90.4 90.8

Thermal Performance
Hemispherical emissivity between -18°C and 66°C 0.84
Linear expansion coefficient between 20°C and 300°C) 8.7×10-6/°C
Specific heat between 0°C and 100°C 858J/(kg·K)
Thermal conductivity at 50°C 1.00W/(m·k)
Softening point 721°C
Annealing point 545°C
Strain point 509°C
Glass transition temperature (Tg) 554°C
Softening temperature 609°C
Mechanical Performance
Knoop hardness with load of 500g 470kgf/mm2
Poisson’s ratio 0.22
Young’s modulus 73.1GPa
Modulus of rupture 41.4MPa
Density at 21°C 2.5g/cm3

Related Names
Ultra White Glass | Solar Transmitting Glass | Transparent Sheeting

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