1. Silica RefractoriesSilica refractories have added the special nanopore structure which containing titanium, rare earth compounds and other infrared isolation agents, on the basis of supercritical aerogel composite insulation material. This silica refractory material can reduce the thermal radiation significantly, so that makes the heat dissipation performance of silicon material better.
    1. Fused Cast BrickDY-33 series of fused cast brick is an aluminum-zirconium-silicon fused cast refractories, the ZrO2 content reaches 33%. With good castability, it can be made into special shaped brick.
    1. Nano Insulation Boards and Felts1050 nano insulation board is a kind of new materials produced by the latest technology, too many nanopores are formed by inorganic powder, their thermal conductivity is smaller than that of the stationary air, and the insulation performance is better than the traditional fiber insulation materials of 3 ~ 4 times at high temperature.