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Silica Refractories

Silica refractories have added the special nanopore structure which containing titanium, rare earth compounds and other infrared isolation agents, on the basis of supercritical aerogel composite insulation material. This silica refractory material can reduce the thermal radiation significantly, so that makes the heat dissipation performance of silicon material better. It has wide range applications which breaks through the heat insulation principle of traditional thermal insulation material, and upgrades the performance of which.

1. Low heat transfer coefficient, 0.012~0.016 W/m•K, wide temperature range (low/high temperature: -273~650℃)
2. A1 non-combustible material, it can not be decomposed and release toxic and harmful gases at high temperature environment.
3. The thermal insulation performance is not decayed almost, the silica refractories have no moisture absorption, no degradation, and no aging.
4. Thermal expansion coefficient is low, that can avoid the breakage and damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
5. This thermal insulation material is safe and environmental protection, it has passed the test of GB20285-2006, its production, usage, and waste will not impact environment.
6. Flexible and anti vibration refractory material.
7. This fused silica refractory product can be cut and pasted arbitrarily, it is very easy to operate, especially in irregular heat preservation site and confined space.
8. The thickness of the insulation layer is small, which is 1/5~1/12 of the traditional material.

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